Trigger Shy...but desperately wanna pivot...
Hi FP'ers! I'm still new and I'm going to ask an impossible question...I currently own a brick and mortar beauty business that I grew from 0 to over $100k fairly quickly(within 2 years). I'm now going into my 11th year, but it seems the business has run its course, or maybe the economy, or inflation... honestly I'm not sure. So needless to say I'm trigger shy to dive or pivot into a new industry.
I understand web building, SEO, how to run an appointment based business well. But if I'm being honest I'm scared to pull the trigger, and invest in a new venture, for fear of failure, local competitors, and investing in equipment, software etc but not having a viable business here. I'm also in a closed state. Any suggestions on how to confidently invest and move forward?
Thank you in advance for any feedback or input!
How to start a fingerprinting business information for those looking to be an early mover in an emerging market.
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