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➡️ Marketing For Fingerprinting ⬅️
So here’s the deal…
Marketing ain’t cheap
But it is valuable
So how does one market their fingerprinting services to get MAXIMUM profit
Without paying Google 10’s of thousands of dollars
Without learning how to do website SEO overnight through old methods that DON’T work anymore.
But also here’s another issue you may be asking yourself
How do I market JUST for fingerprint cards?
Or how would I market a live scan system if I bought one?
I already have a system but I don’t know how to market those live scan services
Now those are all good questions
But it’s not just your fingerprint cards or your potential live scan system
(Or if you have one already)
It’s also about WHERE you’re marketing
Inner city?
Living in suburb but will travel to the city?
Rural America?
Closed state?
Open state?
Hybrid state?
That’s A LOT of pieces to put together
Now secret about me is I did this for a national company before
A company that did cards
A company that had systems in all types of states
Traveled for mobile jobs
Were in cities and all in between rural America
You know what I learned???
It’s all about WHO you reach and WHAT you offer them
The who is so important
Those systems we put in place for that company 4X’d their business
It brought them over 400 locations
2-3 mobile jobs a day in a SPECIFIC area that paid $100’s to $1,000’s per job
But how do YOU find the WHO To reach out to??
That’s the marketing piece that’s missing
Now I made a post before saying something is coming…
And to get ready
And it’s ALMOST here
It’s not a “course”
It’s not a “program”
And I’ll be frank…
It’ll cost somewhere between a Taco Bell lunch and a Tesla
(Great way to price stuff I know)
No but for real
That company spent A LOT of money on their marketing
And I learned a lot from it
But that’s why I’m making it available to everyone
Because it’s not so much about the money spent on advertising
But WHO is doing the marketing and advertising for you
And with what I learned doing the marketing for that big company for years…
You will be able to market your fingerprinting service for the price of a Taco Bell lunch with me
Or kick back and have a team do it for you. Just like a Tesla kind of drives for you
(If that’s even a thing yet I dunno)
But for real
Who’s hyped for what you’re about to get access to
Comment below the word “YES” if you want the EXACT same marketing I did for that big company ⬇️
How to start a fingerprinting business information for those looking to be an early mover in an emerging market.
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