Why the DUTCH Hormone Test is Crucial for Women Over 40

As women age, conceiving a child can become more challenging due to various hormonal shifts that occur within the body.

I am now offering the DUTCH Complete Hormone test, a world-class comprehensive assessment of hormonal balance, for women over 40 trying to conceive.


This article will delve into the significance of the DUTCH test for women in this age group and explain why it is a crucial tool in the journey toward successful conception.

Understanding the DUTCH Complete Hormone Test

The DUTCH Complete Hormone Test is a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool that measures various hormones and their metabolites in the body, providing a detailed overview of an individual's hormonal balance.

This test is particularly beneficial for women over 40 trying to conceive, as it can reveal any underlying hormonal imbalances that may hinder fertility.

The DUTCH Test evaluates several critical hormones and their metabolites, including:

  1. Estrogens: Estrone (E1), Estradiol (E2), and Estriol (E3)
  2. Progesterone
  3. Testosterone
  4. DHEA-S
  5. Cortisol
  6. Melatonin

Why is the DUTCH Test Vital for Women Over 40 Trying to Conceive?

  1. Age-related hormonal changes: As women age, their hormone levels tend to fluctuate, which can impact fertility. The Dutch Test provides an in-depth assessment of these changes, allowing healthcare providers to design a personalized treatment plan for each woman trying to conceive.
  2. Estrogen dominance: Estrogen dominance is a common issue among women over 40 and can lead to various health complications, including fertility issues. The DUTCH Test measures estrogen levels and metabolites, providing valuable insights into estrogen metabolism and helping to identify and address estrogen dominance.
  3. Progesterone deficiency: Adequate progesterone levels are essential for maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Women over 40 may experience progesterone deficiency, which can result in difficulty conceiving or recurrent miscarriages. The DUTCH Test can identify progesterone deficiency, allowing for targeted treatments to optimize fertility.
  4. Testosterone balance: While often associated with men, testosterone is also vital for women's reproductive health. Imbalanced testosterone levels can contribute to fertility issues in women over 40. The DUTCH Test evaluates testosterone levels, ensuring the hormone is adequately balanced to support conception.
  5. Adrenal health and cortisol levels: Stress can negatively impact fertility, and cortisol, the primary stress hormone, can provide insight into a woman's adrenal health. The DUTCH Test measures cortisol levels throughout the day, offering valuable information on adrenal function and stress management, which can be crucial for successful conception.
  6. Comprehensive, non-invasive testing: The DUTCH Test uses dried urine samples, making it a non-invasive and straightforward method for evaluating hormone levels. This ease of use enables women to complete the test in the comfort of their homes, minimizing stress and maximizing convenience.

The DUTCH Complete Hormone Test is essential for women over 40 trying to conceive, providing detailed information on hormonal balance and potential fertility issues. By identifying and addressing these issues, healthcare providers can develop personalized treatment plans to optimize fertility and increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.

As a reproductive health expert, I recognize the considerable value of the DUTCH Complete Test and I am committed to offering this comprehensive diagnostic tool to women seeking to expand their families.

Dr Fiona Tassoni, MASc, BHSc

Doctor of Chinese Medicine

Fertility Coach

PS: If you feel that the DUTCH Complete Hormone test can help you have a far better understanding of why you cannot get pregnant, then please reach out to me privately for further details in the Skool messenger chat.

Please note that the DUTCH Complete Hormone test is a comprehensive state-of-the-art diagnostic tool that must be interpreted by a reproductive health expert able to diagnose and advise correctly.

Accordingly, I offer my testing with a comprehensive written diagnosis report and a 60-minute Zoom Coaching Session plus 7-day follow-up consulting with me in private to fully detail your diagnosis analysis, and the steps you need to take to remedy any issues found.

Precision Analytics Inc., in Oregon, is the inventor of the DUTCH Complete Hormone Test. Upon signing up with me for this state-of-the-art test, Precision Analytics will send you the testing kit and they will process the testing for you under my medical supervision.

Precision Analytics Inc., only engages with medical practitioners and not directly with the public.

Once the testing is completed, I will provide a detailed diagnosis and analysis of your results along with a roadmap to restoring any issues found by the DUTCH Test on your 60-minute Zoom Fertility Consult, so that together we can help get you pregnant.

Again, if you feel this advanced fertility testing can help get you pregnant, please reach out to me privately for further details in the Skool messenger chat or visit the following link for more information 💖




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