TTC at 45

Hi I’m Amber. I am 45 and my husband is 36. I have three children, 17(f), 15(m) with my first husband and almost 2(m) with my second husband. I became pregnant with my first three pretty easily without any complications. I was tracking my ovulation via stick testing and have been tracking my cycle. I would like to have one more and have had 3 chemicals and 2 miscarriages (one with a D&C, based on numbers was likely a blighted ovum) all in 2022. The second pregnancy was on letrozole. Since the D&C last November I have had one chemical this past January and nothing since. I have been told I have a polyp and my AMH is low at 0.44 so while my fertility doc said it isn’t impossible chances are low I will be able to conceive and have a healthy egg viable to lead to a live birth. I am here because I want to try some alternative methods before accepting this is the end. I live in Hawaii and been enjoying the delicious while not healthy food here! Time for a diet change, stop drinking alcohol and caffeine and get some vitamins/supplements. I am going to start reading your Preconception book for some guidance on that and I have your cookbook as well. I stay at home with our little one and am hoping to start working one day a week in the next couple of months (I am a surgery RN). My husband had a sperm test via the fertility doc and she said it looked good but I can get the actual numbers this week. If you have a recommendation for a good acupuncturist/Chinese medicine practitioner in Oahu, HI that would be wonderful. There is such a large Asian population I figure we have to have some good ones here. Thank you!


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