Getting & Staying Pregnant Over-40... A Patient Case Study.

Camille Thurnherr decided to get pregnant at 43 years of age.

She was very concerned about her age factor.

Her doctors instilled fear by telling her she was too old...

The fear of failure weighed heavily on her.

Pressured by her Doctor, Camille, and her husband decided to pursue IVF.

Sadly, Camille miscarried on her second IVF Cycle.

She was devastated.

Her body and emotional state were not ready for IVF...

Camille was convinced that due to her age, she could no longer conceive.

She felt like she had waited too long.

She was too old.

And it was now too late.

Camille Thurnherr then joined my 12-week PreConception Fertility Coaching Program.

I was able to fully diagnose her fertility progress, emotionally support her, and inspire her to believe that getting pregnant was possible.

To achieve this I encouraged Camille to take a 12-week break from IVF.

During this time, Camille attended weekly private fertility coaching sessions with me and daily Skype chats to keep her accountable.

Together, we worked on her lifestyle and emotional mindset by implementing low-intensity breathing exercises and meditation.

Camille was too much in her head and we had to get her to connect her heart-mind to her uterus.

A customized monthly Chinese herbal script was also dispensed to help balance her hormones and prepare her uterine lining over the 12-week period.

At the end of 12 weeks, Camille had better physical vitality and a strong positive mindset toward achieving her desire to conceive.

Camille then commenced her third round of IVF.

Camille finally conceived on her third IVF cycle!

9 months later Camille had a beautiful baby boy called, Jasper.

Camille is a true example that age is no longer the barrier it used to be in order to conceive and have the family you desire. 馃挐



Empowering Women Over 40 to Conceive Naturally or with IVF using my proven PreConception Method... even against the odds claimed by your physician.

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