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Skool offers a more personal and intimate fertility learning experience so I can help you get pregnant faster.

Better still, no ads in the feed, and no distractions from friends.

This exclusively private fertility community will only be a positive, upbeat, and safe environment specifically designed for women who are over 40 and Trying To Conceive.

1. ALL your fertility questions are answered daily by me, Dr. Fiona Tassoni, inside the community.

2. Complimentary lifetime access to my amazing 6-WEEK PRECONCEPTION FERTILITY MASTERCLASS featuring 50 in-depth fertility tutorial videos. Valued at $990… but today it’s yours free!

3. Weekly Livestream Q&A sessions with me on Zoom to answer all your fertility-related questions.

4. Regular weekly world-class fertility updates and the latest fertility advancements tailored for women over 40 and TTC.

Empowering Women Over 40 to Conceive Naturally or with IVF using my proven PreConception Method... even against the odds claimed by your physician.

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