From disaster to relief!!
Phew! Thanks to youtube editor, I was able to cut all my #natural and vulnerable# bits out of the loaded video. Lessons learned. Must showbetter self love in future.
I feel so embarrassed. Just realised my last big upload was my unedited video! I pulled so many faces and huffed nad puffed between delivering messages to the different signs. I feel soooo silly. It's like complete vulnerability / being completely seen.
The irony of it is, that over the weekend I had some healing with a good friend, Fran. And we were working on why I don't seem to be seen, and an old memory came up an 'old unhealed wound' of when I was laughed off stage........and the very next tihng I did, was upload the wrong video....
You gotta laugh at how you get tested when you are feeling like you're moving on, and life says 'oh you're ready are you? Let's find out'.........
Louisa Tanner Munson
From disaster to relief!!
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