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My story and motivation
Q: Hello Carl will check your book out, but just curious to know your story and motivation behind the book. Would love to collaborate.
A: My story and motivation?
As I child, (my story about that story!) is that I recall the world not making much sense: angry and sad adults, which fermented into a sense that "there's must be more to life than this" in my teenage years, where I began a wholesale rejection of my 'inheritance' in the broadest sense of the word. This was a very normal and rebellious reaction, but of course self-injurious, throwing out the baby with the bathwater of my life.
Typical periods of anxiety and depression were never far away, which kept me triggered and stimulated to find a 'better' way, which revealed itself in psychology, spirituality and causing chaos in my life and the lives of others. It has taken nearly 60 years to find an even keel, where I can clearly see that that small boy was onto something that he could not understand or get any obvous guidance on.
It seems we are in a global dark age (certainly in the culture I grew up in) where people's expectations are SO LOW when it comes to intrinsic and sustainable happiness or JOY.
I will talk with anyone who is interested in transcending this awful situation where the obvious love in life is obscured by just about every endeavour of worldly life!
Being truly happy in this world, as it is, is truly a revolutionary act (-:
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My story and motivation
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