Everything in one place

Give your customers a better home. Simplify your life. Everything you need with 1-login, 1-profile, and 1-search.


Group discussion happens here. Posts, comments, categories, likes, mentions, photos, videos, GIFs, polls, real-time interactions, and notifications. Your engagement will increase.


Put your courses in the same place as your community. Courses, modules, videos, resources, searchable transcripts, and progress tracking. Your completion rates will increase.


Schedule your group events here. Members will see everything in their local timezone and get reminder emails. Scheduling livestreams, etc. is easy. Your attendance will increase.


Make your group fun with points, levels, and rewards. Personalize your group by naming your levels. Incentivize engagement by unlocking courses at higher levels.

Email broadcasts

Email broadcast to all members with 1-click. Write a post, click a button, and the post sends to all your members via email. No segmenting lists, tags, or formatting — it just works.

Chat, notifications, and profiles

Chat with members, follow interesting posts, get notifications in-app and via email, tune your preferences, and get email digests of popular posts. Use 1-profile for all the groups you're in.


Search posts, comments, course content, and members — with a single search box. Like yoga? Find all group discussions, course content, and members who mentioned “yoga.”


Monitor the health of your community with a single dashboard and a few key metrics. Track growth, engagement, and progress at the group or member level. See how engaging Skool is!

Auto affiliate

If one of your members creates a Skool group, we'll pay you 40% of their monthly subscription — automatically. This makes Skool an income stream, not a cost. All you need to do is use it.