Expanded Skills
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We're here to provide you with better ways to operate when faced with career uncertainty.
We're also on a side quest to improve what sucks about traditional education.
It's ideal for those who regularly face uncertainty and high-stakes situations.
  • Tech - change is the only constant and constant change drives uncertainty
  • Consulting - they call you when sh*t hits the fan and expect you to show up with answers
  • Sales - when no amount of preparation feels enough to hit your targets
  • Finance - if you're a capital allocator, your rewards are tied to managing volatility
  • Entrepreneurs - you allocate and organize resources, basically a financier for your own venture
Within the community, we host one live event per week where we deconstruct one piece of timeless content.
  • 1 podcast episode or article per week
  • Office Hours / AMAs
For those who want to take it to the next level and are serious about improvement, we offer a specialized training program to sharpen your decision-making process.
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Expanded Skills
Private group
Insights and discussions on navigating uncertainty and building systems for making sharper decisions.
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