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Our community is here to support you every step of the way in building your first event-driven sales funnel.
šŸŽ‰ In less than 30 days, you'll host your first sales & marketing event.
šŸ‘‹ Who is this group for?
We welcome anyone interested in using events in their marketing and sales: business owners, startup team members, freelancers and consultants, digital marketers, and coaches.
šŸ›Ÿ What can we help you with?
  • Deciding if the event sales funnel is right for you
  • Understanding the benefits of running in-person vs virtual events
  • Creating a safe space for you to practice your presentation and sales pitch
  • Getting strategies for getting your first registrations and making sure people turn up to the event
  • Understanding best practices for building engaging presentations and pitches
  • Creating your post-event email sequence
  • Picking and setting up the right tech stack for your event-driven funnel
  • Connecting you with an ambitious group of entrepreneurs and marketers.
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Private group
Build your first event-driven sales funnel in less than 30 days šŸ“ˆ
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