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EssentialSales University Call is happening in 12 hours
Hope everyone is having a great morning! As you get started today remember its not about the results! If your mind is focused on the results you'll burn yourself out, you'll lose your attitude, and you'll end up skipping vital steps in the process. So what is it really about? INPUTS. Commit to your inputs every day and let the results be a BYPRODUCT of your consistency. 90% of people in the game lose not because they don't know how to succeed. Not because they have the wrong strategy. It's because they aren't willing to be consistent with their inputs long enough to allow their results to compound into something great. So today let's build momentum for ourselves and stay secure knowing that our hard work WILL pay off. Like we talked about on yesterdays call. It's a numbers game and the skills we build only shift those numbers more and more in our favour.... but will never eliminate them. If you hit your target input today thats a WIN. I want to see posts in the 🎉wins category for inputs going forward! AGRESSIVE PATIENCE
Mock Calls & Accountability Calls
We will be launching the weekly mock calls & accountability calls starting in January 2023! Hosted by @Will Manzani
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