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The Mission For This Community
I wanted to take a moment and explain my mission, why I created this community and do what I do....
I’ve been making money online since the age of 13. Got my start growing and selling social media parody accounts on Twitter before the big ban of all those accounts.
This showed me we have a huge opportunity to live a different way.
A freer way than whats laid out traditionally.
I learned 99% of what I know self taught & through experiences that didn’t require traditional education. I’ve gotten salary based jobs as a marketing directer with no marketing schooling. I’ve been promoted to program manager and ran entire divisions at direct sales companies without a degree.
I’ve started and scaled my marketing agency to multiple 6 figures based on what I’ve spent hours studying online. This is not to say that there’s anything special about me. Quite the opposite actually.
There’s absolutely nothing special about me.
I just took the time to learn valuable skills that people are willing to pay for.
And those skills have allowed me to work as much or almost as little as I want.
Allow me to work from literally anywhere in the world as long as I have wifi
Allow me to take long breaks if needed by leveraging a team. Allowed me to help beginners get started for themselves & experts scale to over 1 Million in yearly revenue.
That’s my mission for this community.
I want to create a space where people can replicate what I’ve done and surpass that if they choose to do so.
This definitely isn’t for everyone.
And I’m not the type of person that will say “EVERYONE should be an entrepreneur” or “Screw the school system”
But for the people that choose to live with more control.
Live With Total Location & Time Freedom.
That’s who this community is for and I’d love to do anything I can to make that possible for you.
A place for Freelancers, Agency Owners, and Consultants to reach location and time freedom through packaging and selling their high income skills!
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