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The Essential Sales Roadmap
Here's what the journey ahead looks like
Step 1: Learn a high income skill.
Step 2: Package that skill as a service or knowledge/expertise.
Step 3: Apply one of our client acquisition strategies to consistently generate interest in your offer.
Step 4: Learn to consistently monetize that skill through high ticket closing.
Step 5: Live life on your terms with full location & time freedom.
With the resources we have at our disposal there’s a mountain of new skills you can acquire. But it doesn’t have to be new. If you’re an experienced expert you can take those existing skills and put them to use for yourself!
As long as it’s useful to someone. They will be willing to pay for it and you can leverage that to create the life you want.
Just having that skill and telling the world you do isn’t enough. The way you present your offer will lead to more interest than anything else. Learning how to properly package your skill into a viable info product or service is imperative to your success here. Having a high quality “offer” will make this 100x easier!
I’ve seen success in multiple acquisition models, and my goal is to keep this community up to date with the best for freelancers, agencies, and coaches. I may talk about different strategies but what works is never to split your attention doing them all. Use one, go all in on it, master it, automate it through hiring help, Then move on to a new channel.
Every strategy I talk about is one that I’ve used to get clients and make thousands of dollars through, so if you need help on choosing your first or your next acquisition model. Please reach out to me or make a post in the group and I’d be glad to help.
We are all always selling. Almost no matter what we do. Its why I see it as one of the most important skills for life. Getting a job: you’re selling your competence to do the job to the employer
Relationships: you’re selling your ability to be a good partner
Investors/funding: you’re selling them on why they should invest in your company
Hiring a team: you’re selling new hires on the vision & mission of the company and why they should work with you
Sales is everywhere because all it is, is a transfer of belief.
You’re transferring your belief in something into someone else.
In this case your believe that your services will get them their desired results.
Learning how to set calls and close them had changed my life and It can change yours as well!
Scale if you want more.
Hire if you want to systematize.
Once you have an offer that people want and a repeatable, predictable way to monetize it. The choices are yours and the power over your life is in your hands.
A place for Freelancers, Agency Owners, and Consultants to reach location and time freedom through packaging and selling their high income skills!
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