Epic Entrepreneurs
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Welcome to the Epic Entrepreneurs Community.
You are part of a select group of influencers, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.
Here you will learn how to build a stable profitable business... the right way.
AND, become Linkedin influencers along the way... driving traffic to your business.
What you get here:
  • Weekly meetings
  • Daily action plans
  • Monthly speakers
  • A buddy system, to keep you accountable
  • You are included in our Linkedin influencer engagement groups
  • Access to our WhatsApp groups for engagement and support
  • You also have access to my digital courses:
  1. Solopreneur Operating System - to setup a stable profitable business
  1. Linkedin Influencer Masterclass - a 2 hour masterclass describing most of you need to know to become a Linkedin influencer
For those who would like to dive deeper, please feel free to contact me directly at dennis@dennisberry.com for 1-1 coaching opportunities.
Love and good vibes always
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Epic Entrepreneurs
Private group
Welcome to Epic Entrepreneurs!
Our mission: To optimize & MONETIZE our businesses without wasting time or money!
Weekly meetings & daily game plans!
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