Emerging Leaders Program (ELP)
Private group
33 members
$199 /month
Old formulas and skills for career growth are failing us. In the era that is emerging, what will differentiate winners from losers is the ability to navigate breakdowns, be dynamic in the face of change, orchestrate moods, create allies, and mobilize action.
If you are someone who is constantly striving for more, unsettled with the status quo and want to realize the greatest possibility of your life, ELP is for you.
At ELP, you will gain momentum in your career, delivering new insights, promotions, funding, and opportunities. You will belong to a global network of allies committed to transforming themselves, their work, and their worlds.
To support your transformation, you will get access to peer groups, live coaching calls, a breakthrough ontological curriculum, and our private AI.
This is not just another BS mgmt course; it's an adventure for those willing to undergo a serious transformation of perception and skill.
ELP will give you wings! How high and how far fly—that's up to you.
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Emerging Leaders Program (ELP)
Virtues For Upward Mobility: Level Up Your Career Game, Generate Results, Get Promoted, Change Roles, & Manifest Your Dream Role
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