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A community built for those who love the technical aspects of Boxing & MMA, and want to rapidly improve their skills as a martial artist.
Inside our community, you will find:
  • Insider knowledge (tips, tactics, strategies) that you can only find by training at world class gyms.
  • Routines, diets, strategies and mindsets of great fighters.
  • The best fighting gear recommendations (for budget, mid-tier and premium martial artists).
  • Tried and tested pre-made exercises, training routines for burning fat and building muscle.
  • Tried and tested fight camp routines.
  • Plenty of amateur fighting knowledge and advice
  • ...and much more!
Learn about pro fighters training routines here: https://elitestrikinggear.com/boxing/pro-fighters/
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Elite Striking Dojo
Private group
Building elite Amateur fighters by sharing insider martial arts knowledge.
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