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Elite Recruiter is a tight-knit community of talented recruiters leveling up together.
Why do we exist?
Well, most recruiters suck. Sure, they can field resumes or facilitate interviews, but they don’t know how to create an attractive employer brand, nor identify individuals who would help grow the business.
We are not those recruiters. We have a different set of values:
1. Service is king. If someone asks us to do something, we blow them away with the results.
2. Work should be fun. Existence is fleeting. Shouldn’t you spend that time doing something fulfilling?
3. There is a candidate for that job. No matter how hard, how long, how many interviews you conduct - you WILL find that person. They exist. You just have to find them.
4. Attitude and Work Ethic. These are two of the few controllable factors in life. Work hard, have a good attitude. That alone will take you places you’ve never dreamed possible.
I want to help you be successful. Put in the work and the results will come.
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Private group
Tighe’s VIP students. Elite Recruiter is a tight-knit community that will empower you to build your own 6+ figure recruitment business from scratch.
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