What are your unique talents / skills?

Hey Elevate Tribe,

During our last coaching session, I posed a challenge to everyone:

Share something you're absolutely phenomenal at.

Why? Think about the rush, the pride, the confidence you feel when you're in the zone doing what you excel at.

That very feeling? It's the one we're chasing when we talk about the Identity shift.

We had maestros in songwriting, percussion wizards, dancers, singers, math geniuses who can make calculus cool, typing ninjas, creative magicians, master bakers, tennis champs, filmmakers who can make the reel feel real, tech gurus, software savants, culinary artists, and those who can light up a room just with their motivation - just scratching the surface here!

So, what's YOUR superpower? What sets your soul on fire?

Smash that like, drop a comment below. PLUS, don’t just talk about you – comment on someone else's post too! Compliment their gift, get curious, ask them intriguing questions.

Let’s connect deeper, Elevate Tribe. 👊🏼🔥🚀



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