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The Elevate Roadmap

Alright friends, here's the game plan!

Step 1: Research Niches & Offers

Step 2: Publish Content

Step 3: Build a List

Step 4: Sell & Scale

Step 5: Make your first $1

Step 6: Make your first $100

Step 7: Make your first $1000

Step 8: Make $10k/mo

Step 9: Financial Freedom!

Let's chat about habits:

Sure, it's totally doable to crush all nine steps, but we've got a bit of a journey ahead of us.

If all you're after is views, followers, or cash, chances are, you might not last.

Early on, those shiny things may not come your way. And that could make you throw in the towel.

The secret sauce? Loving the process. Creating 'cause it lights you up. 'Cause it feeds your soul.

Let's talk about money:

Yes, money matters. But it's not the be-all and end-all.

Content is booming like crazy and our attention can only stretch so far. So every day, the role of the one who elevates above the noise becomes more crucial.

Our real end game? Dedicating ourselves to learning what's working now and applying ourselves daily to become successful online!

Now that's a goal worth waking up for!

Let's talk about Step 8, making $10k/mo.

Sure, you can make way more than this by elevating yourself with knowledge, but around this point, more money doesn't really up the happiness ante.

Let's talk about Financial Freedom.

We're not aiming to just kick back on a beach sipping margaritas. We want to use this freedom to craft something beautiful that will touch people's lives. This is where the real magic happens.

And, a shout out to "Wins":

Share your wins at each Step and milestone because you have no idea how much it helps and motivates others in the group. Whether it's your first dollar or first hundred or thousands, share and report your wins!

Last but not least.

If you've got any cool ideas to add, lay 'em on me in the comments below.



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