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What’s something you’ve been struggling with latley?
Be transparent, this is a safe space🤞 No judgement
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Sexual Alchemy 101
Really, Sexual Alchemy is about understanding what sexual energy really is… energy pulsating from the sacral center and using it to clear blocks and create paths within you, connecting your body and head into alignment with one another..The desire for sex is actually the desire to experience & express with another aspect of your self It’s not to be viewed an activity but a science. What you’re doing when with another person is creating & tapping into frequencies . Understand that in the ancient world, having sex was to be wise, and that knowledge was always attained through the woman If the sexual embrace is animated by lust, physical pleasure alone, a loveless sense of duty, or other selfish motives, there can’t be Regeneration or Spiritualization This is why sex can open your 1st eye if the intent is genuine & pure. It can literally raise the kundalini up to the cerebellum. This exchange is the mingling of the highest vibration known on earth, that of love between the man & woman during their alchemical union ⚡️🌀🧲 a balancing of yin & yang polarities or the Ida & pingala This leads up to The multi-orgasmic energy which can last as long as fourteen hours after love making nourishes your body & charges your brain While knowing this; electromagnetism (which is male & female) is the study of the electromagnetic field also known as the sexual energies. It’s a force on particles that possess the property of electric charge, & is in turn affected by the presence & motion of these particles. With that said, energy for the males come down the head & out the phallus. For the females, energy goes up her yoni & out her cerebellum For this reason, esoterically, speaking, sex may be considered as a powerful generating center & producer of electro-magnetic energy which continuously vibrates like electricity. This power emanates directly from the original source, that is from The Universal Prime Creator, & its mission is the maintenance of life It is due to this that life emanates from sex & from there, it is transmitted to the different centers of the body & can be redirected to certain areas through will & practice
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Sexual Mastery Course: Free Introduction
Due to many misunderstandings & misnomers regarding this topic I've created a full in depth course for men for understand how to PROPERLY Transmute Sexual Energy This program will teach you the mental, physical, and spiritual mastery needed to transcend lust: • How to Prevent Wet Dreams • Increase your stamina/endurance in Tantric Union • Ancient Taoist Practices to raise sexual energy up into the higher spiritual centers (chakras) • Along with much much more. An Introduction Preview can be found in the classroom here
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Some Of Natures Best Medicines
Sunlight Weight Lifting Yoga Fasting REAL Food Breathwork Swimming/Surfing Running/Sprints Herbs Fruits/Raw Honey Earthing Meditation Minerals Star Gazing Camping/Hiking Sleeping What else you add?
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