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👋 Welcome to YenCommerce Community. It's Brandon writing this! With so many people shouting online about how to start an eCommerce business or make money online, here's what's unique about me:
I've actually done it. I went from zero to 8-figures in as little as just over 1.5 years (all while documenting it on my Instagram and YouTube).
The most important part is that I still run my own businesses.
Inside of this community you'll find lessons you won't find anywhere else:
I'm not teaching you to spam test products...
I'm not teaching you how to copy and paste...
I'm not just teaching the absolute basics (which you can find on YouTube)...
Inside you'll find a full-fledged beginner's course, guides, frameworks and more.
It is my hope that you find one, two, or three golden nuggets which will give you the edge.
That being said, I hope to see you inside the community.
Cheers to your success!
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Learn how to launch and scale your dropshipping business. Sharing the systems and frameworks behind my dropshipping business, exclusive to this group.
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