🎧 Podcast Chat 🎤  How to Get Your Niching Right
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This thread is for episode #213: How to Get Your Niching Right
This week on the show, I share how you can get your niching right, and what information you need to know about your niche and how to use it, so you can start attracting and working with more of your dream clients.
“Once your messaging and marketing shows your niche that you really understand them, that’s when you’ll start to attract your dream clients - and with greater ease.” - Melitta Campbell
🎧 You can listen to the full episode here
🤔 I'd love to know what insights and lessons you took away?
🤔 What changes or actions do you plan to take as a result?
Share all in the comments below 👇
I can't wait to hear your thoughts!
Melitta Campbell
🎧 Podcast Chat 🎤  How to Get Your Niching Right
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