How to Keep your Sales (and follow-up) Simple
This week on the podcast, my guest, Natalie Carthew gave a complete sales masterclass!!
Have you listened yet?
If not, you'll learn exactly how to:
⭐ Create a simple sales process, that feels natural, easy and valuable.
⭐ Get your mindset in the right space for success.
⭐ Manage your sales follow-up. Even if you've let some prospects slip.
In fact, Natalie challenges many of the sales myths that hold us back.
It's a value-packed and enlightening discussion. I can't wait for you to listen!
When you do, be sure to share your takeaways (or questions) here in this post.
This episode will transform the way you approach sales for ever!
You can listen to the full episode here:
Melitta Campbell
How to Keep your Sales (and follow-up) Simple
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