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Welcome to Digital Operations, the group for AI enthusiasts aiming for $10k+/month through the power of automation, AI, and building a Digital Operations Agency. We teach you how to turn businesses into automated machines with AI, no-code systems, & workflows.
What We Offer:
  • We teach you how to use to automate workflows, OpenAI to train models, and Airtable to build smart databases
  • We give you actionable advice to making money learning these tools, even if you have zero technical experience whatsoever 
  • We give you pre-built automations, Airtable bases, and free course material so you can start selling immediately after you join
  • We give you access to a community of successful entrepreneurs, and other aspiring AI & automation experts 
We are living in the digital era, companies will need to implement AI & automation or they will die. This is your opportunity to build a business that stands the test of time.
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Private group
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