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👩‍🎤Yo Songwriters, Artists and Producers!🧑‍🎤
🎤Want to have the be able to have the skills to play the instruments you want as well as to be able to producer , arraange and mix as much of the music you have inside you into awesome sounding bangers as you want?
🎛️Fed up of having not being able to get the sounds out of your head into a great song or demo?
🤔Able to do some parts of the music making process but stuck on the rest?
🟢Improve your skills:
✅️ Mixing
✅️ Arrangin
✅️ Performing
✅️ Producing
✅️ Songwriting
💪From myself who has 31 years of differnet musical experience from incl. music degree, instrument tuition and producing artists + a supportive community.
💯This is a highly vetted community. Kind, driven artists only.
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Song Transformer
Private group
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