Deluxe Profit Academy
Private group
24 members
$200 /month
Deluxe Profit Academy is a Business Development Academy that allows other business owners to not only network but a true business coaching program where the actual OWNERS will be teaching you, giving weekly assignments and being on your ass!
I know yall dont like to read, so this is what you will be getting when joining!
Business Taxes
Weekly Q&A Calls
Manufacturer List
Paid Ads Coaching
PhotoShop Workshop
Monthly Feedback Calls
Content creation tutorials
Ranking/Rewards System
Bi-Weekly Guest Speakers
Montly Giveaways & Rewards
Assignments & group projects!
Insights on running efficient Paid Ads
Credit and Money Management Guide
Secrets Behind Evaluating Your Designs
Influencer/Celebrity Contact & Shipping information
Understanding Brand Identity, & Branding
Secrets Behind Evaluating Your Designs
Fighting Against Chargebacks
Planning your Release Day
Influencer Marketing
Whatever Price You Pay today, you pay for a lifetime! Our Skool Price will increase as more value is added overtime!
Privacy and terms
Deluxe Profit Academy
Two of the biggest e-commerce brands have joined together to bring you the most efficient & effective program to elevate your brand.
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