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Watch the free training above to complete the first step of the Product Market Fit Protocol: Identifying your High Value Avatar.
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If you're a coach or consultant and are struggling to break past $5K-$10K months, you most likely have issues with product market fit and lead volume.
This is what this looks like for you:
❌ Your calendar is empty
❌ You only get business from referrals
❌ Your cold outreach doesn't generate results
❌ You need 15-30 clients to keep the lights on
If this describes your situation, this membership is for you!
We will help you:
✅ Identify your Avatar that is facing urgent problems
✅ Wrap and value stack your offering to be an absolute no brainer
✅ Generate leads on demand and know exactly what to say
✅ Consistently close clients with a proven script
✅ Ultimately achieve product market fit
Join our membership and complete the Product Market Fit Protocol to reach consistent $20K months!
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Helping B2B coaches and consultants create product-market fit for their high ticket offer to reach consistent $10K-$20K months
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