High-Ticket Product-Market Fit
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If you're a coach or consultant and are struggling to consistently generate $5K-$10K months, you most likely have issues with product market fit and lead volume.
This is what this looks like for you:
❌ Your calendar is empty
❌ You only get business from referrals
❌ Your cold outreach doesn't generate results
❌ Your sales efforts takes up most of you time
❌ You aren't consistently closing new clients
If this describes your situation, this community is for you!
We will help you:
✅ Identify the niche and avatar that are in desperate need of your services
✅ Wrap and value stack your offering to be an absolute no brainer
✅ Generate leads on demand and know exactly what to say
✅ Consistently close clients with a proven script
✅ Ultimately achieve product market fit
There is no "right" time to take action and break free from what is clearly not working.
Join our community and be part of the high ticket tide that floats all boats!
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Helping B2B service providers create product market fit for their high ticket offering through sales, marketing, and self improvement.
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