Dayana: Living in Love
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$22 /month
Our community comprises individuals transitioning from a life focused on work, to one where work serves a larger life purpose. They seek a deeper meaning & fulfillment in their endeavors, aiming for a greater contribution.
This group includes educators, teachers & therapists, as well as dedicated caregivers & parents who prioritize love & care in their classrooms and households. It also welcomes executives, business leaders & entrepreneurs committed to positively impacting the world.
We aim to craft a future where science, spirituality, and technology unite, fostering a world where people are synchronized in mind, heart, and body. We endeavor to lead in merging cutting-edge innovations with timeless wisdom, guiding a journey towards self-love, spiritual enlightenment, and meaningful living that is transformative and deeply anchored in authentic human connection.
We all share a common desire for a peaceful mind, a strong body, and a heart full of love.
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