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$99 /month
If you have a skool community and want to monetize, you should be in here!
šŸ¤· Why?
Turn up for weekly calls with top contributors like:
  • Raymond (the skool menace)
  • Devon (The Ads Lab)
  • Lexy (The Spiritual Oasis)
  • Many more serious and epic community creators.
All calls are unscripted and led by the community members on topics that are important to you.
With decades of business and consulting experience coupled with the knowledge of the platform's top contributors, you can get traction faster within your community.
šŸ† What do you get:
  • one-on-one intro onboarding call (30 minutes+)
  • connect with 8 x 60 minute+ mastermind calls per month
  • space in the community and on calls to ask for help
  • sharing tips and hacks used by the biggest communities on skool
Total value: $2999
PS: Only consider joining if you are committed to your community and you are serious about growth.
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