The CRAFTed Woman
Private group
26 members
$87 /month
A new generation of women are arising.
WE are done with the boss babe era.
WE are all about stepping into our feminine essence and receiving all that God has for us in our marriage.
As the wife, we want to be diligent about our household.
We will increase our financial literacy here so we can make wise investments for our family.
We will sell like the powerful women we are.
We will love and adore our husbands- praying over him and supporting him.
Twice a month Cayla or Chase will provide live coaching for you around faith, family, marriage and finances.
If you want to be surrounded by other women who want to step into their soft girl era with us, join in the CRAFTed Woman community. BONUS: When you join today you will receive access to our Wealth RESET 3 day challenge.
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The CRAFTed Woman
This group is on a mission to help you find freedom in your marriage, family and finances.
A CRAFTed woman designs her life to honor God.
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