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Hey Friend! Does this sound familiar? You're confused and frustrated by your inability to talk with other people. You want tools/coaching, a safe place to practice, and a tribe to do it all with... but where?
Welcome to the Conversational Community! Together, we'll transform your "What would I even say?" into "That conversation was delightful!"
Here's the rundown:
  • Exclusive Course Access: Full access to Cole's Conversation Course ($97 value).
  • Live Practice Calls: Real-time sessions to enhance your chat skills.
  • Ever-Growing Resources: Q&A's with experts, interviews, and a library of mini courses.
  • Community: Share best practices, make friends, and meet up IRL.
  • Monthly Q&A Calls with an ADHD coach (she's lovely and super helpful!)
These tools have worked for me. They will work for you. Let's do this together.
See you on the inside,
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Conversational Community
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A place where we make the implicit social rules of the world explicit....together!
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