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I teach a very simple process - VELOCITY. How fast you can go from lead to client.
First of all - I charge high-ticket but I break the payments into weekly payments so that’s how everyone can afford me. Why not more people teach you this is a mystery.
High-ticket is the best way to scale a business fast and breaking it weekly gives you MRR.
Premium prices for a premium service.
Second of all - the price goes up with each client.
This rewards people for acting fast.
And it also protects my time and energy.
Because with every client you take on - you have less time.
When you have less time, your time becomes more valuable.
Simple supply and demand.
Do the work that pays you well AND that you love.
Not one or the other.
Third of all - I cap my spots.
This makes sure all clients get the best experience because I only take a couple.
More personalized and more time spent on each client = better results.
I invest all my time and energy into a few winners.
That's how I guarantee results for my clients.
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