New Scripts from Traffic & Sales

Hey all! Hoping I could get feedback on the scripts I’m working on. These are what I’ve come up with after going through the initial lessons.

, would I just read these directly into camera and that’s it? I may throw relevant broll over it, but not sure if I need to more.


Problem Aware

  1. If you're a busy Saas company and need more video content, Then you should turn your software demos and into a trail of breadcrumbs that bring qualified leads to your website.
  2. If you are spending too much time on 1:1 demos and need a better way to convert your leads, then Create an engaging demo that gets cut into mulitple short clips. Use these short clips as breadcrumbs that will convert leads into sales without sacrificing your time.


  1. If you’re a SaaS founder and want to convert more sales with software demos, Then stop relying on one of 1:1 sessions. Instead, partner with a creator who can create the outline, record the video, and create multiple outputs for a mini social campaign.


  1. Here's how you can turn your software demos into a content pillar. Write your outline for your presentation with the intention to pull multiple short clips. Then hire a content specialist that can organize your clips in one place and distribute them across all social platforms.  All you need to do is show up, and record your demo! The content will be edited and distributed without sacrificing your time.


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