💰$44K in 18 days (FREE Skool blueprint, checklists, automation)

Just made a 22-minute video that documents how I generated $44K in just 18 days during the new Kontent Engine DB v2.0 (KEDB) launch.

A lot of people liked the videos so I made it into a course that also provides:

  • A Free 14-day Trial to Skool
  • A Skool Set-Up Checklist
  • TWO Zapier automations

KEDB has an interesting model as it didn't require a lot of sales calls—most of the orders were purchased without any communication or questions from the buyer.

In the video I cover:

  • How I set up Skool (free/public)
  • The funnel I use (and the tech behind it)
  • How I generate traffic (platforms, types of content & the automated system)
  • The 2 posts I made (email list and Skool)

The added resources in the course will help you copy the basic structure pretty easily.

Happy to answer questions or go deeper on topics if you have questions, just drop them in the comments below.


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