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The Best Client
Yesterday night, I made a promise and made a plan to go for a run in my neighborhood because it was a little windy, cold, and the best weather I could have asked for. I thought to myself, "Why wouldn't I take a risk in a good way and take this as a blessing opportunity to go out for a run?" I felt like I should stop making excuses, so I decided to make an effort and take advantage of the opportunity to move my body. I used the StepsApp application, and I ran for one hour and twenty twenty minutes, and lost 226 kilocalories. The amazing thing was that I was running for a walk in my neighborhood was on a full moon day, and I felt like the energy had changed to something else from yesterday. When I got back to my house, I was in my Instagram account, where I check my designs. Normally, I don't check my direct message in the request section, but when I checked my notification, I saw that someone had messaged me at 1:44 p.m. This Angel number was such a blessing and a surprise to me. I went to my direct message in the request section, accepted the girl's chat, and she asked me, "Hello, do you design stickers?" And I replied, "Yes, I do designs stickers." The amazing thing was that it was a full moon, so it seemed like I was pretty calm and optimistic. This came as a surprise, and I believe that the universe sent me this lovely client with whom I can collaborate. After that, we've been talking to my client nonstop, and we're currently working on a fantastic project that I can't wait to show you soon. I am so thankful to have this chance to collaborate with my client. I am thankful for this work, which I enjoy doing. I am thankful that the universe provided me with this unexpected present during this amazing full moon. I always thought in my mind and had a desired that a client would want me to design a sticker for them, but this month and year, it seems like the universe wanted to give me this amazing client at the full moon. I consider myself fortunate and grateful for this opportunity and gift from the universe.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Universe 🥹😇🧚‍♀️✨🪄
I am extremely blessed to enter this new chapter.
Trust in yourself generally, now and again your desires are in Universe hands yet some of the time the Universe generally knows the most ideal way to give your longings and desires right now even at the troublesome times. Therefore, I would advise you to trust and believe in the process.🤍🌟
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