Step Into Your Million Dollar Self (in the jungle?!) 💸 🐒 🌱
Friends, I have a MAJOR announcement!
I'm co-hosting a retreat with my mentor @itsgeorgebryant in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia from September 20-24th!
Let me paint the picture for you…
Imagine yourself in the depths of the Ubud jungle, fully immersed, feeling its high vibrations and cleansing energy.
As you breathe in and out, you find yourself full at ease, surrounded by 10-15 soul sisters who are also fully committed to their vision, growth, and calling.
All different businesses, walks of life, and dreams that are uniquely their own…you feel fully supported as if you’ve known them your entire life.
It’s like the sisterhood you’ve always dreamed of having.
You see them, but then you see George and I behind them.
We hold space for you to express yourself, no filters required.
We ground you and remind you that you’re an unshakable powerful CEO who can create massive waves of impact AND live a life beyond your wildest dreams in the process.
That’s because this retreat is all about YOUR Vision By Design: The key to unlocking the movement, mission, and marketing you are meant to embody as a Female CEO.
3 spots filled, 8 more remaining 🦋
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