Open This Now 馃コ Make $1,000 in 14 Days
Last week I made a post asking if you'd be interested in a mini course:
Over 40 people voted and said YES!
After the post, I created the mini course and made $1,000 in 4 days selling it
(See attached)
Here's exactly how I did it:
Step 1: Created an Offer
Step 2: Tested the Offer
Step 3: Sold the Offer
I messaged all the people that voted and said "Hey, I made the offer you asked for. Here it is..."
Then I posted a few stories about it.
In the past 4 days, I made聽$1,000 with this offer聽(100% passive!)
The product literally costs $27 and took me 2 hours to make.
So if you also want to make $1,000 in 4 days.
Click below to check it out 猬囷笍
Business really is this simple.
Ask people what they want, make it, then sell it.
You got this!
- Your Business BFF Giulia
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