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Veronica Johnson, PMHNP-BC, FNP-C, is at the forefront of the consciousness revolution, dedicated to advancing global awareness by guiding individuals away from reliance on prescription drugs and addictive substances with a modality that she calls Soul Composting. Licensed in both family medicine and psychiatry, she has worked with leaders in the industry for addictions and psychological trauma.
This community currently hosts:
The Red Pill Mini-course (listed at $33 on her website)
My Morning Tea Ritual
8 Herbs for Anxiety
The Silent Meditation Practice
The Five Rites
Monthly live community calls (see the calendar)
And some of the most AWESOME humans on the 🌎!!!
Plus -- coming very soon:
The Conscious Psych Bookclub!!!
We'll start voting next month from the books in the resource section of my website @
The first book with 10 votes is the book we'll start with!!! 📚 🐛 🤓​
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Welcome to the FREE Conscious Psych Community! Here you will find information to guide you on your path to holistic mental wellness!
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