The Healed Sister Academy
Private group
24 members
$97 /month
Welcome to the Healed Sister Academy!
The framework that has helped hundreds of muslim women find inner peace is now available at an affordable price!
If you want to:
  • Heal your past wounds
  • Understand your current unhealthy patterns
  • Recreate yourself and finally become the woman you want to be
Here are the 6 modules covered in the course:
  1. Intentional Living
  2. Limiting beliefs
  3. Inner child Work
  4. Attachment style theory
  5. Boundary setting
  6. Values and Life Vision
This course is self-paced, you can watch the videos whenever you want! (Please note that there is no live coaching sessions at all)
  • Worksheets with actionable steps to take for each session
  • Private meditation and hypnosis recordings and playlists
  • Well being workshops about meditation, breathwork, dopamine detox
All of this is worth 797 dollars! But by joining now, you secure the CRAZY price of 97 dollars per month for as long as you decide to stay!
And you can leave whenever you want. So don't wait, join us ♥️
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The Healed Sister Academy
A holistic approach to self-healing for muslim women wanting to heal their masculine energy and thrive in both worlds.
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