Conscious Club
Private group
8 members
$50 /month
👋 Welcome to Conscious Club the space for facilitator and space holders to connect, grow and evolve together.
What's inside Conscious Club:
✨ Monthly deep dive workshop ($450 Value) - next one: 20.07. "Feeling Safe to be Seen"
✨ Trauma Knowledge course ($400 Value)
✨ Business Accelerator Deep Dive ($450 Value)
✨ Bonus Session Abundance Boost ($150 Value)
✨ Monthly surprises to light you to a higher level (priceless)
✨ Incredible community (priceless)
👉 Join Conscious Club to be part of a light family that share the vision of bring more light into this world ✨🤍✨
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Conscious Club
Raising to higher levels of consciousness to share more light with the world ✨🤍✨
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