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What are some of the effective and creative level naming schemes?

The new Skool innovation of being able to name the levels opens the possibility for naming important distinctions for your worlds. The leaderboard shows whether you are in the game or not. I wonder what level naming schemes would be fantastic. Here are some ideas:

a) Species name of some kind showing the evolution and higher up! (fun). Smaller size plant to the larger tree.

b) Martial arts belt levels (I default to that.) Example: Lean tradition.

c) Some sort of humorous or serious corporate hierarchy titles, or magic world titles (level 9 would be the great grand wizard of oz or something like that.

d) Tribal ranks

e) Military ranks

f) Space ranks (like naming levels after moons, planets, stars and galaxies?

g) Star Trek ranks (Ensign... captain)

Could these levels and distinctions correspond to assuming a participant's skill level in what you are teaching? Likely not. So these distinctions could be some fun way to reward participation.

How are you naming or thinking about naming your levels? Here are the levels we are using at Conceivian for our programs now. (with some others we considered. Hope it is helpful.)


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