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As a user I'd really like a way to connect groups or teams of users in sub groups (accountability teams, etc) within my skool account. @Sam Ovens & Team.



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@Mitch Wilder - Noted thanks! Tell us more about your use case, how would this help you?


@Nick Guadagnoli Based on how the groups work and taking into account a need to facilitate a stronger network effect I think it would be beneficial to have small groups or accountability teams. I currently facilitate this by putting people into Facebook messenger chats in groups of 5-10 to facilitate a stronger and more direct network effect for smaller groups.


@Mitch Wilder - Got it thanks for the example!


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Are you thinking they would have a separate tab that is similar to community but for a sub group? Or a new option in the filter to select posts from their group? Or a group message functionality in the direct message viewer?

I’ve got a small community and they are extremely engaged and loving the playtform. As I scale this up to dozens and hundreds of members, however, this current setup is going to become a real firehose.

As I think on this I’m wondering if it’d be nice if there’d be an option to... See more


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