Automate Course Access To Existing & Non-Existing Members Within 1 Zap

Sometimes members of my Skool community purchase a product for a one time fee.

If I want to automate this user Zapier, it appears the only actions within Skool on Zapier are

1) Invite Member to Group

2) Unlock course

how would you go about automating this process so that existing Skool members have the course unlocked without them being invited to create another Skool account? Is it the unlock course action? It looks like it's still inviting them within that action.

And if they aren't part of the Skool Group, how could I invite them/give them access to the course without making this a separate zap? Or will I have 2 zaps?

1) Existing users who purchase -> unlock course

2) Non members who purchase -> invite -> unlock course

Let me know if this seems accurate

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