Realigning - How to start afresh, and ADVICE PLEASE
Hey! I hope you're having a great day.
I've started my community, built it out, started sending paid traffic to the page.
I've built this community out as a TOF lead gen system for my ideal customers. Getting them in, showing them value and answering questions and then getting them on a call down the line.
This community is very much set up with a commercial goal in mind (to gain clients for my service-based business). However, there's a part of me that would like to have a non-commercial community and build a group for a passion project/support group that is quite close to my heart.
Here's my question: Do you think I should continue building out a commercial community, or focus on one that's just designed to bring people together (with nothing to sell them).
Second question, if I were to start again, is there an easy way to delete the existing community and start afresh without having to pay for two Skool subscriptions? I assume it's one subscription per community...
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Jack Purdie
Realigning - How to start afresh, and ADVICE PLEASE
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