Re-order modules - new upload at top

Wondering if we can have a way to re-order modules easily so new content added is top?

Case in point, I upload group call recordings and would prefer most recent at the top.

Small point but right now the only way seems to be moving up a step and the more that are added the more awkward it becomes.



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@Mark Ladson I think the Skool team is working on rolling out a feature to make this more efficient. In the meanwhile you can do the following to save yourself some time and frustration:

  • Instead of 'add content > new module' simply 'duplicate' the top existing module.
  • Edit the duplicated module by changing the description, video link, title, etc
  • Now you only gotta click 'move up' once to have it at the top.


• 13d

@Stefan Lamers Awesome, that's a great hack. Cheers!


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