Paid Courses?

Can I charge for courses thru this platform?



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@Jim Pellerin We focus primarily on the “after-the-sale” part. We do offer group Webhook for integration with other payment processors.

I'd recommend starting here: #How Skool works

This module overviews the usage of Webhook. I'd also recommend checking out the Thrivecart Webhook integration demo video. Any other integrations should work similarly 😀


@Sid Sahasrabuddhe OK. Thanks. I had watched the whole course, including the webhooks. Just curious if there was a way to charge inside SK. Helps with upsells, etc.


@Jim Pellerin To charge inside SK you could link in your last vid in a course to a landing page that has a different Webhook that gives access to the next level course.

Or you could use one of the links in your bio to send to a landing page that upsells to the next level course with that new Webhook.


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