Jan 25 (edited) in Feature Requests
🤫 My Skool Wishlist 🤫
  1. Sign-up pages with integrated payments (Recurring). Stripe connection. Automatically create new user accounts. Lock-out if payment is not made.

  1. White label. Host on own subdomain. Rebrand it. “Powered by Skool” in the footer.

  1. Integrated affiliate system. (Have this as a perk for users as they level up).

  1. Unlock the next video once you’ve completed the current one. You can’t see or jump between content. But you must complete the videos to progress. 

  1. Video quiz - To unlock the next video. You must watch the video to learn the information needed to complete the quiz. Once you get all answers correct in the quiz you’ll unlock the next video.

Love your Skool plan for the future Sam. Excited about Skool for 2023 💪💪


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