Managing Duplicated Content by Users

How does Skool manage duplicate content? Or when a member posts a question that has been previously posted? Can the admin merge with the existing post? Does the tool suggest the user that this topic has been published before? @Sam Ovens



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• May '20

@Ivan Lares right now we don't do anything as there's not much content on the platform. In the future we plan to auto-search for similar posts when a user is writing a new post. We'll display the similar content next to the post editor if we find any matches. We may implement a post merge tool for admins too, if need be.


• May '20

Tool is great @Sam Ovens looking forward to see it improve. To your & the team's success! ❤️


@Sam Ovens This would be critical IMO - obviously as any community grows there will be duplication of questions → more sifting required for a user to find an answer → they give up → post a new question, and the cycle continues.

So I'm glad you're implementing this - helps admins create a environment of quality > quantity


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