Low v.s. High ticket skool
For those wondering which option is better or if you should do both on skool here has been my experience:
I've been in high ticket for the last 4 years. Here's my unfiltered breakdown:
High ticket cons:
  • Not everyone can afford it
  • Requires sales calls
  • Feels high risk for client
high ticket pros:
  • Better clients (not everyone can afford it)
  • More committed clients
  • Higher perceived value
  • More personalized attention
  • Requires few leads to reach high income goals
Low ticket cons:
  • Takes a team and time to scale
  • More admin work (refunds, tech support etc...)
  • Requires a lot of leads
  • Standardized coaching
  • Lower committed clients
Low ticket pros:
  • Can be sold from a web page
  • Impulse buying typically makes the sale
  • Clients expect less
  • More stable MRR
Daniel Bissonnette
Low v.s. High ticket skool
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